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About us

Gulf Coast Equities

opened it's doors in 1986. However, we've been helping people build their dreams for over 30 years.

Our mission is to provide our customers with

  • a superior product,
  • excellent service, and
  • a wealth of knowledge.

Anyone can build you a new home. But, if an experienced team, and assistance with finding the right mortgage company is what you need, you can count on us. We deal with several mortgage companies on a regular basis, and we can find one that will fit your needs.

Talk about options!

We offer over 6 neighborhoods and 3 builders to choose from.

Do you own a piece of property, or have your eye on a lot that you would like to build a home on?

Off-site building is also an option.

If you already own a home, but are considering building a new one, our Resale Program may interest you. For more information on that, read on.

Resale Marketing Program

To help coordinate and complete the purchase of your new home, Gulf Coast Equities, Inc. has created a marketing program designed especially for new home purchasers. The program, while not a guaranteed sale or trade in program, has proven very successful since its inception in 1990.

The basis of the program is that we ask you, the new home purchaser, to accept 92% of the true market value of your existing home or any other amount that you might subsequently agree to. Gulf Coast Equities will waive its marketing fees in the event the 92% net proceeds is not realized, however, we cannot waive the fees of a cooperating broker.

The key element of the program are in establishing a true market value.

  • We will complete a Comparative Market Analysis of homes recently sold in your area to determine the true market value for your existing home.
  • Should you disagree with our conclusion, Gulf Coast Equities will split the cost of an independent third party appraisal to obtain the true market value.

Gulf Coast Equities will place your property in the Multiple Listing Service with the Corpus Christi Association of Realtors, and advertise to effectuate the marketing of your existing home.

Benefits of the program are:

(A) Upon approval of your plans and location by the building entity involved, your new home may be started with the contingency that your existing home is sold by completion of construction.

(B) Because of the nature of the program, you probably will only have to make one move, rather than risk an unsettling and expensive interim move.

(C) You can lock in on today's interest rates and cost rather than risking increase while waiting to sell your home.

This is a program offered by Gulf Coast Equities only, not by any of our builders.